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Affiliate terms

The Arabian Scent Affiliate program is free, and gives you the opportunity to earn money by place a link or multiple links to Arabian Scent of specific products on your website. For each sale through this link(s) the affiliate recieves a sale comission. The current affiliate comission is 15%.

Article 1

1.1 - Applicability
The following terms are for the benefit of participants in the affiliate partner program and are therefore applicable to all registered and accepted as such by, affiliate partner. By signing up for the affiliate program the applicant agrees to have taken kwoledge of these condition and there by agree to them.
Article 2

2.1 - Participation
Every legal person may become a participant of the Arabian Scent
partner program by filling out an online application form.

2.2 - Review
It is at the discretion of whether an applicant is admitted as a participant. The affiliate program is entitled to refuse participants without reason.

Article 3

3.1 - General admission
Acceptance of these terms and conditions.
The data of the applicant have to give up truth.
Participating sites include quality content.

3.2 - Websites
Each site participating in the affiliate partner program must refrain from:

     - erotic, violent or pornographic nature
     - mislead third parties
     - violate copyright, trademark, portrait or other rights of third parties
     - promoting, praising, or engaging in illegal activities
     - conflicting or offensive content about
     - discriminatory or offensive nature

3.3 - Email
Inclusion of links to in newsletters is permitted. Spam in any form is strictly prohibited.


Article 4

4.1 - Affiliate Program
The affiliate partner receives 15% per sale through a link to from the website or newsletter of the affiliate partner.

4.2 - Links
Placement of links is to the discretion of the affiliate partner with due regard to Article 3.

4.3 - Measurements
The sales are measured by means of cookies. These cookies have a validity period of 30 days. All measurements are binding. Payment shall be made solely on the basis of measurements of Failures, technical errors and wrongly generated sales reserved.

Article 5

5.1 - Payments
Payment shall be made within 15 days at the request of the affiliate partner. An application may be submitted after 10.00 euro or more is achieved.

5.2 - Account numbers
Payment shall be made by bank or giro transfer, provided that the eurozone is a bill. In all other cases, the payment made ​​via Paypal.

5.3 - Review
Every free member and / or room shall be initialed unless there is fraud. At the discretion of
Article 6

6.1 - Termination of the Agreement reserves the right at all times to an agreement with an affiliate partner to finish. Without stating reasons with immediate effect The affiliate partner has the right at any time participate in the affiliate program to terminate with immediate effect., Without giving reasons.

6.2 - Exclusion
If it appears that the affiliate partner acted with one or more articles in breach of these terms and conditions of the affiliate partner loses all rights arising from the contract and claim any outstanding balances.

Article 7

7.1 - Changing conditions is at all times entitled to change these general conditions.

7.2 - Consequences
The affiliate partner is informed of changes by mail. If the affiliate partner does not agree to a change, the affiliate partner participation in the affiliate partner program must be terminated immediately. If participation continues affiliate partner is deemed to have accepted. Amended affiliate conditions
Article 8

Any damage resulting from unauthorized use of the affiliate program will be recovered. by the offender

Article 9

9.1 - Liability can not be liable for damages and / or costs that would have resulted due to a technical failure and / or temporarily from their websites. Accessible by maintenance liability
Article 10

10.1 - Applicable law
All agreements and closed by exclusively by Dutch law. If necessary, any disputes will be submitted to the Dutch courts. If any provision of these conditions should affiliate with Dutch law, in battle than these, without prejudice to the scope of the provision to be amended in accordance with Dutch law