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I do not know what fragrance I should order

If you are unsure about which perfume to choose please email : [email protected] for advice. You can also send a message via Facebook. Give this message a description of the fragrance you are interested in and whether you are in doubt between certain scents or not. We are happy to advize you.

Applying perfume / attar

To get the best out of your perfume, it is best to apply the perfume in places where blood flows right underneath the skin where the skin therefore is warmer. These places include your temples, earlobes, knees, elbows and wrists. In these places, the smell lingers longer because the scent trails are strengthened.

Shelf life perfume / attar

On the packaging of the perfumes you can find the shelf life of the product. Our fragrances have a shelf life of up to 4 years.

Fragrance facts

  • Keep perfume in a dark cool place, heat causes the scent to break off.
  • Never store perfume in the bathroom, moisture and heat don't do any good to the perfume.
  • You can smell up to three perfumes one after the other, then your sense of smell is no longer able to smell a perfume sharp and you are not able to judge perfume properly.
  • Never smell fragrance directly from the bottle, this way you can smell only the top notes and not smell the fragrance overall. The perfume develops on the skin.
  • Because some components are quickly fading and other ingredients remain on the skin, a perfume doesn't always smell the same.
  • If you try a new perfume, then give it time to breathe. The perfume needs time to develope on a skin.
  • A perfume remains longer in summers than in winters. Therefore, during summer use less heavy perfumes or just use a little less.
  • Never use two perfumes at once.
  • Do not sit in the sun with perfume. Some ingredients are light sensitive and could cause stains.
  • Strengthen your favorite perfume with bath or body lotion you use.
  • Also consider using perfume on your earlobe, knees or elbows.
  • Roll some perfume on your clothes, so the perfume remains longer (avoid bright colors and fur )