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About Arabian Scent

Arabian Scent

Arabian Scent is a new world of fragrances and perfumes . You've come to the right place for non alcohol perfumes & cosmetics. All our perfumes are imported from Saudi Arabia and France. Our fragrances are characterized by prevailing natural scents. Our perfumes are friendly for all types of skin because of the absence of alcohol. It causes the perfumes to have a very pleasant and natural scent. 

why perfume oil ?

Perfume oil is the essence of a fragrance that is dissolved in a certain amount of alcohol. This forms the basis for a perfume with a vaporizer (spray bottle). When applying the perfume, the alcohol evaporates and the perfume oil remains on your skin, this is what gives off the scent. One of the benefits of perfume oil is that moisturizes the skin. Perfumes with alcohol can sometimes dry out the skin. In addition, oil stays on the skin for a very long time because it does not evaporate fast but absorbs. Moreover, the lifespan of a perfume oil is very long, 5 milliliters can last up to 6 months with moderate use.